Foods that cause heartburn

5 Delicious foods that cause heartburn

Sometimes you just know the delicious meal you’ve eaten is going to result in the painful, burning sensation of heartburn — but why? Read on to find […]

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Person suffering from heartburn

How to Avoid Heartburn or Acid reflux

The pain and discomfort in the chest that comes with heartburn can get in the way of daily life, limiting what you eat, interrupting sleep and […]

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Person With Stomach Ache

Indigestion And Heartburn

Ever wondered what the difference between indigestion and heartburn is? Read on to find out more about indigestion, its causes and ways to help manage it at home.

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MAN with symptomatic acid reflux , suffering from acid reflux


Heartburn is common – most of us will have experienced its uncomfortable symptoms at some point. The good news is there are many things you can do to help reduce or manage your heartburn symptoms and relief is available.

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Stomach health care

Esomeprazole for the treatment of frequent heartburn

Keep getting that burning feeling in your chest? Then it may be time to find out a little more about heartburn medications, such as esomeprazole, that can help relieve frequent heartburn.

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